Friday, September 27, 2013

White Witches - Daring Dabblers

Only a few can master the mysterious powers of witchcraft. Those with the inner gift and discipline to control these unnatural powers are called white witches. Just being able to use witchcraft is not enough for one to be a white witch—this title is only bestowed upon men and women who use these powers for the benefit of others, and above all, who fight against the dark influence of the cruel Witches who rule Morden. Others who have mastered witchcraft at the cost of their allegiance to the Witches are instead known as warlocks. Both types of witches and witchcraft in general was mostly unknown in Morden until the Bane War brought the knowledge of these abilities into the forefront.

Witchcraft is a powerful magic that can accomplish a wide variety of effects. In fact, many white witches and scholars believe that, given enough power, witchcraft can achieve nearly anything the wielder can imagine. However, the practice of witchcraft is not without its dangers. While the magic abilities granted by witchcraft can be summoned and manipulated without requiring preparation, use of witchcraft can endanger the user’s very soul. If witchcraft is used hastily or carelessly, it can attract the attention of the Witches themselves, and it can extend a portion of their influence over the wielder. Often, this means that the white witch or warlock becomes more callous and hateful, and in extreme cases the white witch may fall completely under the sway of one of the Witches and become a slave to their power.

Many Accursed seek out the path of the white witch and attempt to turn the power of witchcraft against their creators. The Order of the Penitent offers a refuge for Accursed and white witches alike, meaning that many white witches come to the Order so that they may share knowledge, rumors, and warnings of what happens when witchcraft runs amok. The Enochian faith does not condemn witchcraft on its own merits, instead preaching that witchcraft, like any other skill, can be used for both good and evil. The Enochians tend to watch white witches carefully, however, for they have learned that many white witches misuse their gift and can, over time, become pawns of the Witches the Order opposes.

Some white witches have formed groups to support one another, share knowledge, and occasionally pool their powers to accomplish greater spells than they could manage individually. One of these groups is called the Circle of the White Thorn, and members of the Circle often lend assistance to the Order of the Penitent. The Enochian church has sponsored its own group as well, known as the Dedicated. A third group, called the Nominatus Circulus, is composed entirely of warlocks who serve the Witch known as the Chimera. This organization has come to blows on numerous occasions with other practitioners of witchcraft, and these warlocks compete for access to certain artifacts and places of power across Morden.

Witchcraft is an Arcane Background Edge in Accursed for characters who wish to risk treading the dangerous path of a white witch. The Trappings of witchcraft are varied, but most take the form of sympathetic objects, sigils that shape the meaning of the power, or unusual gestures to form a hex. These Trappings are linked to the three main types of witchcraft: sigilism, sympathy, and invocation.

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