What is Accursed?

Thanks for your interested in the Accursed tabletop RPG campaign setting! This page is intended to help new readers get started finding out more.


The first post on the blog offers the best overview of the setting. If you just want to find out more about Accursed in general, and get the quick over view, click here:http://accursedrpg.com/2013/06/accursed-savage-worlds-rpg-setting-by.html

Player Characters

The core setting comes with eight playable races. These are the Witchbreeds, those who bear a Witchmark and are known as the Accursed. Each of the first six received its own blog post:

Dhampir - These are our half-vampires.
Vargr - These are our werewolves, who have some fun cultural depth, in addition to their inherent abilities.
Mummies - Their sarcophagus is not a prison, but rather it is a weapon and armor that they can wear and wield.
Golems - Are animated humanoid forms, which can be created from almost any substance, incorporating its properties.
Mongrels - The results of twisted experimentation to combine components of animals with humans.
Revenants - Undead who have emerged from the Black Cauldron of the Morrigan, but held on to their free will due to a particular drive.
Ophidians - Humanoid snakes, created by the Gorgon, who specialize in stealth and infiltration.
Shades - Living ghosts, servants of the Dark Queen, capable of traveling anywhere, but also subject to imprisonment by wards.


The campaign is designed for the characters to battle those who do evil. This can include the Witches that conquered the continent of Morden, but it also includes their agents, known as banes. In many cases, seeming acts of evil could also be triggered by mortal humans who remain loyal to Witches for any number of reasons.The key story element, from the perspective of the Accursed is the decision to embrace or confront their Witchmark. Many wish to break the curse, so that they can return to a mundane life. However, those who choose to embrace it can instead become more powerful, unlocking particular elements of their Witchbreed. Of course, some argue that those who do so are just reinforcing their damnation. The setting book includes a Plot Point Campaign, which can transform the setting.


We've previewed two pieces of the maps, a Witchmark, and the pencils for one of the pieces of interior artwork on our facebook page. We've also released additional preview images on Kickstarter, facebook, and in the descriptions for the book on DriveThruRPG.


  1. Looks flippen interesting :D Love the whole concept - I think it's brilliant :D LOVE IT!!!!!!!! When can we expect the official release?

    1. We're running the Kickstarter now, and that gives access to the playtest version as well as the final. After the Kickstarter concludes, we aim to have the final version out to folks in December.

  • Ah crap. I've just listened to D6G ep with you all on it, and it sounds like a great game. Completely missed the Kickstater but glad it funded. What are the plans for the general release???

    1. Thanks for your interest! We aim to have the PDF and the PoD available in December. Support materials are going to take a bit more time.

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