Friday, July 26, 2013

Revenants - Driven beyond death

A Revenant may appear human at first glance, but a closer look reveals more of his Accursed nature. As one of the living dead, Revenants have a faint scent of rotting flesh around them at all times, and their eyes are a milky-white in color. Their flesh is often disfigured with mortification, and the wound that ended their former life is often the most prominent of their many scars. Due to their unsettling appearance, Revenants have a difficult time dealing with the people of Morden. Most citizens consider Revenants untrustworthy at best, and there are many who consider all living dead—Revenants included—to be horrid pawns of the Witches.

It is true that Revenants are, in a way, kin to the shambling cauldron-born that serve the Witches and overran dozens of defending armies during the fall of the Alliance. Both cauldron-born and Revenants owe their existence to the necromantic powers of the Morrigan and her Dark Cauldron. However, unlike the cauldron-born, Revenants clawed their way out of the cauldron with their minds intact—a feat only made possible by an intense mental focus upon one overriding virtue or ideal. The most defining feature of a Revenant is that the Witchmarked is obsessed with some intangible thought that he clung to during his transformation in the cauldron. Most often, the Revenant’s virtue is a desire for revenge upon his tormentor—a driving urge to utterly defy and destroy the Witches that were responsible for his undead state. The pressure of the Revenant’s obsession makes it difficult to remain in one place for very long; Revenants are famously restless, impatient, and prone to leaping into action before fully thinking about the consequences.

Revenants gain many powers upon their transformation that make them formidable enemies of the Witches. First, Revenants feel no pain, suffer no fatigue, and are immune to poisons and disease. As one who is already dead, a Revenant has no need to breathe or eat, and only requires a modicum of rest—more for the sake of the Revenant’s mind than for his unliving body. These vengeance-obsessed Accursed make excellent hunters and trackers. However, the Revenant’s obsession typically means few seek out roles that require learning and patience, such as alchemy or white witchcraft.

The Enochians welcome Revenants into the Order of the Penitent, for none are more committed to removing the Witches from Morden. In fact, the head of the Order himself—Victor Von Drake—is a Revenant. However, the Order is also keenly aware that the same obsessions that make Revenants so exceptionally motivated can, from time to time, lead a Revenant astray or into a trap. Thus, the Order prefers to pair Revenants with other Accursed as a means of enhancing their strengths and balancing their weaknesses.

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