PokerStars Download for Mobile and PC

Opt for a PokerStars download to tap into a platform that brings together diverse features and advantages, thereby offering an attractive option for those interested in online poker. With an extensive array of games, top-notch software, strong security protocols, and a wealth of educational materials, PokerStars delivers a well-rounded experience in the realm of online poker.

The process of downloading the PokerStars application varies depending on the platform: PC or mobile device. For clarity, the guide divides the steps into two main sections, each focusing on one platform.

Download PokerStars on a Personal Computer

There are some system requirements needed to install a poker client on your PC.

Operating System

Windows 7 or higher


At least 512MB RAM

Disk Space

At least 150MB of free space

Step by Step Guide How to Install PokerStars

To download the poker room client, it is necessary to perform certain actions in a specific order.

  1. Open a Web Browser. Utilize any commonly used web browser to navigate to the official PokerStars website.
  2. Locate the Download Section. Scroll through the homepage to find the download section, usually labeled as "Download" or "Get Started."
  3. PokerStars download
  4. Initiate Download. Click on the download button specific to the Windows operating system. This action typically results in the download of an executable (.exe) file.
  5. Run the Installer. Locate the downloaded file, often found in the "Downloads" folder, and double-click it to initiate installation.
  6. PokerStars download
  7. Follow On-screen Instructions. A setup wizard usually appears, guiding the user through the installation process. The user is prompted to agree to terms and conditions and select an installation location.
  8. Complete Installation. Once the on-screen prompts are followed, the installation process concludes, and an icon appears on the desktop for easy access.

PokerStars App Download on Mobile Devices

There are specific system requirements that must be met to install the poker client on your mobile device.

Operating System

iOS 10.0 or Android 5.0 and above


At least 1GB RAM

Disk Space

At least 100MB of free space

PokerStars for iOS Devices

To acquire and initiate the PokerStars mobile application, one must first access the App Store on their handheld device. Subsequently, the search function should be used to locate the specific PokerStars application. To commence the downloading and installation, one must select the button labeled either "Get" or "Download" adjacent to the application name. Following successful installation, the PokerStars application should be opened to start the setup procedure.

PokerStars for Android Devices

For the purpose of installing the PokerStars mobile application on an Android device via the official website, one must begin by opening a web browser and navigating to the PokerStars mobile site. Following this, one should scroll through the webpage to identify the section dedicated to Android downloads. To proceed with the download, one clicks on the Android download link, commonly distinguished by an ".apk" extension.

Prior to installation, adjustments may be required in the Android device's security settings to permit installations from unidentified sources. Once these conditions are met, one locates the downloaded APK file and clicks it to trigger the installation process.

After successful installation, the PokerStars application can be opened to initiate the setup process.

Both installation processes include a final step of account creation or login for existing users.

Reasons to Download PokerStars

When evaluating the merits of downloading PokerStars, multiple factors come into consideration. These reasons offer a comprehensive perspective on why PokerStars has become a popular choice for both amateur and professional players of online poker.

Wide Variety of Games

PokerStars provides an extensive range of poker games, including but not limited to Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Seven-Card Stud, and Razz. This variety caters to diverse player interests and skill levels.

High-Quality Software

The software developed by PokerStars has been critically acclaimed for its reliability, user-friendliness, and robustness. The platform undergoes regular updates to ensure an optimized gaming experience.

Large User Base

Another reason to download PokerStars is that the room boasts one of the largest online poker communities. A larger pool of players can lead to a more diverse range of skill levels and playing styles, providing both challenges and learning opportunities for players.

Professional Participation

Many professional poker players frequent PS, offering amateurs an opportunity to compete against well-known figures in the poker world. This exposure can serve as a motivating factor for players who aspire to improve their skills.

Security Measures

PokerStars has a reputation for stringent security protocols. With encryption technology and secure servers, the platform aims to provide a safe environment for players to engage in online poker games.

Tournaments and Events

The room regularly hosts various online tournaments and special events with substantial prizes. These events often attract large numbers of participants, creating an exciting and competitive atmosphere.

Loyalty Programs and Promotions

The platform offers loyalty programs and promotions designed to reward regular players. These rewards may include free entries to tournaments, merchandise, and other incentives that enrich the user experience.

Ability to Download on all Devices

PokerStars offers cross-platform compatibility, allowing players to switch seamlessly between PC and mobile devices. This flexibility enhances the convenience of playing poker irrespective of location.

Educational Resources

PokerStars provides educational material such as tutorials, strategy guides, and a dedicated blog that helps players improve their understanding of the game.

Regulatory Compliance

The company adheres to a strict regulatory framework in multiple jurisdictions. This compliance assures players of the platform's legitimacy and fair play conditions.


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