Wednesday, September 18, 2013

On Witch Hunters - The Malleus Maleficarum

Yuriy lay concealed on the rugged hillside in the fall of man-sized boulders in which he'd made his home these past few days. His heavy woolen cloak, smudged with stone dust and ocher to help him blend into the land, was wrapped tight about him to ward off the morning chill. In his hands he held a long, finely crafted Model IV rifle, the pride of Manreia, its forend steadied on the stones before him. Through the powerful scope mounted along the top of the rifle, he surveyed the fog shrouded Bruchstadt valley that stretched out before him. Three days he'd waited on this hill to get a glimpse at the Beast of Bruchstadt. Three days in this chill, damp autumn weather with no fire and little to eat. It was worth it, though. He would find the creature and he would kill it, and there would be one less evil in the world. For that opportunity, he would wait on this hillside for a thousand years if needs be.

In the wake of the Grand Coven’s triumph, many people throughout Morden refused to recognize the war had ended. Some particularly motivated individuals took matters into their own hands and pushed back against the tyranny and horror of the Witches and their banes. These brave Mordens come from every walk of life, and all fight their separate battles as they are able. Informers, spies, saboteurs, and more work tirelessly day and night to bring the Witches' rule to an end. Some prefer a more active type of resistance, however. These rugged souls are the Witch Hunters.

Witch Hunters are those men and women who have taken up arms and sworn to sweep Morden clean of the lingering influences of the Grand Coven. Expert trackers and woodsmen, they travel the land alone or in small teams hunting down and destroying banes and other, lesser servants of the Witches. So powerful are their foes, and so limited are the resources available to them for their fight, most Witch Hunters prefer guerrilla tactics to stand-up fights. They strike quickly from the shadows, cause as much damage and havoc as possible, then fade away to fight another day. While their primary prey are banes and those humans who serve the Witches, they also attack caravans, sink ships, perform sabotage, and generally make life as miserable as possible for the Witches.

For players who wish to play as a Witch Hunter, Accursed offers the Witch Hunter Edge. This Edge grants the Witch Hunter an immense amount of practical knowledge about Witches and their banes. They can know at a glance the nature of a bane and, most importantly, its weaknesses. The Edge also reflects a Witch Hunter's training and experience in fighting banes, and their uncanny ability to be prepared with the right anti-bane weapon or tool at the right time when their companions are caught flatfooted.

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