Friday, September 20, 2013

Alchemists - Transformative Agents

Alchemists possess an unusual flair for combining and mixing ingredients to form a host of different substances, ranging from potions and salves to chemical concoctions and even metals. The alchemist’s skill and the bizarre nature of his ingredients infuses these mixtures with unique properties that often rival the magical effects of witchcraft. However, unlike witchcraft, alchemy does not require a unique inner ability nor does it endanger the alchemist’s soul. In return, alchemy is also less flexible than witchcraft—it cannot be used on the fly, and requires preparation against the expectation of a future need.

Often, alchemists are motivated to discover new uses of alchemy by finding new formulae or unearthing an older one that had been lost. The ravages of two major wars have consumed numerous learned alchemists, and many complex or unique formulae have been lost. Creating a new formulae is a laborious and time-consuming task that often requires highly unusual ingredients—and usually, those ingredients are jealously guarded by minions of the Witches.

Some alchemists are not cut out for sedentary lives experimenting in dusty laboratories. Indeed, there are more than a few alchemists who answer a more profound calling, driven to wield their creations in the service of the Order of the Penitent. The cause of the Accursed demands much of those who take it up, and alchemists have their place as both warriors and researchers. Alchemists who work with the Order often find themselves transmuting weapons into cold iron or silver to better deal with the Witches’ banes or testing new tools to check their efficacies against different Witchlines.

After the invasion of the Witches, the remaining alchemists have found that their services are needed more than ever. Silver, cold iron, and other substances for warding off Banes are in high demand. Alchemists who serve the Witches are likewise called upon to manufacture sopoforics or provide the occasional liquefication of a captured enemy. The unrest simmering beneath the surface of the nations of Morden has increased the numbers of people who call upon the alchemists. Many see their expertise as an alternative weapon to the unholy nature of Witchcraft. These desperate people hope that the alchemists might somehow discover a way that their tools could overcome the Witches.

Alchemy is an Arcane Background Edge in Accursed for characters who wish to pursue the path of the alchemist. The Trappings of an alchemist can vary wildly, and they often include highly unusual materials and compounds. Alchemists can use their Edge to create a number of Powers, some of which are highly similar to witchcraft and others that are entirely unique.

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