Monday, September 23, 2013

The Enochian – Spreading the Virtues

We have previously discussed the Enochian faith and its presence throughout Morden. However, we have done little to discuss those who work to spread and maintain the faith. While there are many churches—from roadside chapels to massive cathedrals—not every small town or farming village has an anointed member of the faithful. Even those locations that do have one welcome the alternative perspectives on the virtues that a visiting minister can bring to a sermon.

Because of this, wandering preachers are a common sight throughout the nations of Morden. Some are simple pilgrims, travelling to visit different holy sites. These men and women are anxious to learn from the communities they visit, while spreading the lessons that they have learnt about their religion through their journey. Some are learned scholars, seeking to experience their faith in different ways. Others simply feel a calling to live out the virtues through their service across the land. Even in the face of the Witches' tyranny, these itinerants manage to scrape by exchanging their service for the generosity of faithful strangers.

Many of these travellers take particular titles, often associated with the bishoprics of their land of origin. Some claim to be missionaries, others teachers, advisors, zealots, or even swamis. A few are members of larger orders, though due to the difficulties in extended communications, it is often the case that they have not spoken with others of their order in months or years. After all, a person travelling on foot following a fairly random path could travel for quite some time without encountering another person who began their journey in the same place. These orders include the Order of the Penitent, but there exist many other holy orders focused upon respecting the lives of various saints, following specific virtues, and a number of other credos.

Most missionaries travel with a central goal of aiding the faithful. While this can sometimes be accomplished through words, more often, they volunteer their physical service wherever it is needed. By spreading their wisdom and offering their physical aide, these travellers make sure that the virtues are properly respected. In keeping with their faith, these travellers often visit with any local religious. While they always first offer their service, such travellers can generally rely upon taking shelter and sharing a meal at the local holy site. Little in the way of verification is necessary for this. The chapels are universally generous to a fault and prefer to trust their visitors than to add to their burden.

The faithful have long come to respect those who choose to make the sacrifice associated with the itinerant lifestyle. Such individuals are glorified for the decisions they have made to embrace the virtues. Different orders do enforce different vows, including those of poverty and chastity, which are very common choices for these preachers. After all, a lifetime of travelling afoot throughout the known world offers little opportunity to horde belongings or to establish the connections necessary to raise a family. The respect associated with the garb and philosophy of an Enochian missionary carries a significant value. The faithful make up most of Morden's population, and they have come to trust the words and deeds of Enochian preachers. Members of the Order of the Penitent that adopt this garb have access to respect that can overshadow the appearance of an Accursed.

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