Wednesday, October 9, 2013

On a Line

We're into the last few days of the Accursed Kickstarter. If you're enjoying our series of adventure hooks, the only way to keep them going is to help us garner more likes for the AccursedRPG page on facebook. We still need more than 100 before 1 PM EDT on Sunday. Can you help us get there?

This batch of hooks explore a few of the specific supernatural elements in the Accursed setting:

  • During a longer journey, the band of Witchmarked makes camp near a well-travelled road. Overnight, a pair of feral cat-like predators attacks their camp. When the creatures are slain, their bodies revert to human form. Investigating the bodies shows no sign of Witchmarks and there was no evidence that they were the product of witchcraft. Following their trail reveals a small village, where all of the inhabitants have been transformed into these predatory forms. Was this the work of the fey, a mad alchemist, or something else entirely? Can the heroes find some way to undo it?
  • Deep in the Tarayev Wastes, the characters discover a small town of surprisingly happy and prosperous Gradniki. The city's climate seems uncharacteristically warm for the Northern area. The people all seem well fed. The community clearly works hard in the fields, but their harvests are sufficiently plentiful that there is no sign of starvation. The natives maintain a friendly front, but seem anxious to hurry the visitors out of town. Why haven't any banes moved to tax the city into oblivion? Is it because they are already under Baba Yaga's thrall, or could this be a village that is actually under the protection of something else? Perhaps there is a connection between this place and the vanished Summerlands of the Seelie Fey?
  • The heroes discover rumors about a city in Northern Valkenholm where Sanguinara sends those who have displeased her. Hoping to find and potentially free allies to the aid them against the Witches' tyranny, the Witchmarked choose to infiltrate the village. To their surprise, they discover that there are no obvious signs that the location is any sort of prison. There are no guards or walls to prevent the prisoners from escaping. However, no one in the village is willing to speak with them, and everyone immediately recognizes them as outsiders. Something—or someone —has the entire village under its mental thrall. Can the heroes break the curse and free the prisoners, particularly if the prisoners are trying to prevent them from doing so?
  • When the Witchmarked travel to Port Sorrow, they expect some respite from the Witches and their banes. Unfortunately, when they arrive, a small community of Witchmarked immediately makes contact with them, in a clear case of mistaken identity. It seems that these others expect the heroes to be carrying an artifact that could draw the Chimera's Turris Atra to Port Sorrow. Why does she want to come here, and what evil might she unleash upon her arrival? If some artifact could actually control the tower's movement, can the heroes recover it and use it for their own purposes?

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