Monday, October 7, 2013

Casting More Hooks

Since Friday's blog post, we've already picked up quite a few "likes" on facebook, but time is limited. There's less than a week left until the Kickstarter closes. If we're going to commit to a full year's worth of adventure hooks on the Accursed blog, we need to gather quite a few more likes. Please give us a like and spread the word about the challenge.

Here is a range of additional adventure hooks for Accursed. By design, these challenge the characters to explore portions of the worlds various nations. :

  • The Witchmarked receive word that Pharaoh Memmon has been intently searching through a portion of the desert for something. Investigation soon reveals that the leader of the Memmon-Aswar is seeking something that did not return when the Djinn resurrected so much of ancient Hyphrates. The heroes must explore historical texts to identify what the undead Pharaoh seeks, and then find it before he can recover it. This could be the body of a mummy that is trapped deep beneath the sands, a potent alchemical formula, or perhaps a connection to wherever the Djinn has gone.
  • Though the Grand Coven has fallen apart and many of the Witches have crossed back over the Darkwall Peaks, there are many who resent Parnath for surviving. Untold numbers of banes and Witchmarked charged against the walls of the stalwart city. Yet its defenses held strong against the onslaught. While the city remains under military authority, the lack of a coordinated Witch army has caused them to become more lax. Yet some of the banes have chosen to exploit this fact. The Witchmarked come across evidence that a group of Accursed who have remained loyalty to the Witches are working with banes to destroy Parnath. Even now, hundreds of banes dig deep beneath the walls of the unconquered city, as they prepare to plant gunpowder charges that could shatter the walls.
  • Two cousins vie for leadership of Clan Pennbrooke in Cairn Kainen. The last leader was a veteran of the Bane War, who recently passed away a broken man, who refused could never accept Cairn Kainen's defeat. Before his death, he failed to name an heir, and both of his nephews have strong claims. Traditionally, the one who wields the Clan's hereditary claymore would be the leader, but that sword was lost in the ruins of Shieldhaven. Both cousins seek to hire the Witchmarked to travel into destroyed city and recover the sword. The Witchmarked must decide if they wish to work with the cousin who might be the better leader or the one who could offer them a more useful compensation.
  • Even though the Witchmarked are members of the Order of the Penitent, they are not privy to all the secrets that the Enochian church holds dear. During their travels, they hear rumor of an ancient tomb penned centuries before by an Enochian seer. Rumors indicate that the tomb not only foretold the Bane War, but that it also spoke of the Witchmarked. Some legends indicate that this ancient book explicitly tells what must be done to free Morden of the Witches' influence. If the rumors are true, then the tomb is held deep within the cloistered libraries of Massif Helsenn. Of course, the bishops deny that any such book exists. Does the tomb exist? If so, how could the Accursed infiltrate this secure fortress-monastery? If they recover it, would they act to free Morden, or might they turn over its secrets to agents of the Witches, in exchange for even greater power?

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