Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Mold From Which All Others Were Struck - The Crone

The Crone is the first Witch, Mistress of the Grand Coven, and oldest among her sisters. Legends say that at the dawn of time, she was the first mortal woman to take on the mantle of the Immortal Witch. If this is true, she is the mold from which all other Witches are struck. It was the Crone who brought such disparate and stong-willed individuals as the Djinn and the Morrigan and the witch now known as Baba Yaga together to form the Grand Coven. It was she who laid the plans for the invasion of Morden. Through the sheer force of her will, she directed the advance of the squabbling, largely incompatible Witch Armies.

No one, not even her closest associates and advisors, knew the Crone's true origins. She seemed as old as Witchcraft itself—a withered, haggard creature, twisted with hate, brutality, and naked greed. If she were once a mortal, her reasons for trading her humanity for the ultimate powerful of witchcraft were known only to her, and what personal demons drove her remain mysteries. She was a force of nature, possessing the searing heat of a wildfire and the destructive energy of a hurricane in her heart. Men, creatures, and even the other Witches in the Grand Coven followed her out of a combination of fear and morbid curiosity rather than out of any respect or fellow feeling.

While she ruled many lands and corrupted many hearts over the course of her life, her greatest achievement was as the architect of the invasion of Morden. It was the Bane War that showcased her savagery, her brutality, and her particular genius for creating chaos and suffering. It was her drive and her passions that drove the Witch Armies across the lands of Morden, killing and burning everything in their paths. While the Grand Coven was, on its surface, supposed to be an alliance of equals, it was clear that the Crone was first among these so-called equals. Her power and ambition outshone that of her sisters, and it was by her will alone that the Bane War was prosecuted.

Then, all at once, the Crone was gone. As the Grand Coven dissolved with the great betrayal and the Crone's plans came unraveled, she simply vanished. No one is sure when she disappeared or where she went. There was no sign of her passing, no great event that announced her going, but she was gone all the same. Some say that she tired of the Bane War and left Morden to pursue other goals, leaving the remains of the Grand Coven to deal with the aftermath. Others say that some greater, more lucrative prize caught her greedy eye, something far beyond the lands of Morden. It is even said that in a fit of shrieking, incandescent rage at the great betrayal, she was consumed by her own magics and left nothing behind but ash. Whatever the case, her coming and mysterious going has left the entirety of Morden in ruins and has changed the course of history very much for the worse.

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