Friday, August 30, 2013

Leech-Men - banes of Sanguinara

Leech-men are one of the favored creations of the Blood Witch. These creatures are banes, meaning that they were born from witchcraft and are no part of the natural world. The leech-men are perhaps one of Sanguinara’s most well-known minions, although they tend to stay far away from populous cities and are most often encountered in more remote surroundings.

A leech-man stands roughly 6 feet in height; a hairless being made up of slimy, black-colored flesh. Although it is humanoid in shape and stands upon two misshapen legs, a leech-man’s sinuous movements and the pulsating of its membranous skin makes it clear it has no internal skeleton. Leech-men resemble their namesake in many ways, but their heads have more in common with a lamprey. These banes possess a circular mouth filled with tiny, razor-sharp teeth, a maw perfect for rending an enemy’s flesh to get at the hot blood beneath. Leech-men have two eyes that never blink and a single nostril at the top of their head.

No records claim to know when the leech-men were first created, but they were first encountered by the peoples of Morden during the Witches’ invasion. Thousands of leech-men crawled over the Darkwall Peaks and served as the Blood Witch’s force of choice during the first several battles of the Bane War. After the fall of the Outlands, Sanguinara’s affections were lavished upon the Vampires and Dhampirs whom she had made from the conquered folk of those regions instead.

Since the savage conflicts of the Bane War, leech-men no longer congregate in large numbers, preferring instead to gather in smaller groups and villages throughout Morden. Most commonly, leech-men are encountered in the swamps of the Sunken Lands. Other isolated communities exist along major bodies of water, such as the Scythe River in Valkenholm or the Iteru River in Hyphrates. Leech-men prefer to lair amongst mud banks, reeds, and swamps or bogs of all kinds. Anywhere there is standing water and a chance to feast upon blood, the leech-men may not be far away.


Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d4, Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d8
Skills: Climbing d6, Fighting d8, Notice d8, Stealth d8, Swimming d8
Pace: 6 Parry: 6 Toughness: 8
Aquatic: Pace 6
Bite: Str + d8
Blood Drain: Leech-men commonly attack by grappling. When a leech-man has a foe entangled, if the bane wins the opposed roll, it automatically does one Wound of damage, plus an additional Wound for each raise, when it clamps on and sucks the prey's blood. This ability does not affect any characters who do not bleed normally.
Blood Frenzy: When another character (this character must possess normal blood) or animal suffers a wound, all Leech-men within 6” are driven into a frenzy by the scent of blood. This causes them to go Berserk (as per the Edge). Leech-men cannot end their rage until the battle is over.
Hardy: The creature does not suffer a Wound for being shaken twice.
Low Light Vision: Leech-men ignore any penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.
Wood Weakness: As a creature of the Blood Witch, Leech-men suffer +4 damage from any weapon or attack composed of wood.


  1. Not a Wildcard like the other Banes? Or was that a typo?

    1. Maybe because these guys are more "human" and the other Banes have been more like wild animals? Although I can't tell if they live in their own villages or if they live near human settlements.