Saturday, February 7, 2015

2014 - An Accursed Year

Over the month of January, many different organizations did 2014 year end reviews and awards. Since Accursed hit print distribution in 2014, many such groups gave it some consideration. We're honored to say that we earned recognition from several different groups. In particular, Tommy Brownell honored us with a pick in Tommy's Top Six, Topless Robot included us in their Top 21 of 2014, and Diehard GameFAN gave The Banshee of Loch Finnere 3rd place for Adventure of the year. We're in the company of some amazing publications with these awards, and it's an absolute honor.

This week, Accursed achieved Gold sales status on DriveThruRPG. That puts us in the top ~1.5% of all products that they sell. We're deeply honored to have received this level of support from the community, and we know we couldn't have done it without your help. Thank you very much for that.

We wanted to show our gratitude for that support in some more measurable way. The adventure Grove Point was included in our playtest pack, which went out to backers. It was also published in our print compilation, Ill Omens. We've just cleaned that up and put it up for sale on DriveThruRPG. As a way of saying thanks, we're sharing the following code to add that to your DriveThru library for free:

This code will be active until 2/14, so please make sure to grab it soon.

We do have one more upcoming product, which we've mentioned previously. That's Darkest Tides, an adventure that crosses over the worlds of Morden and Starfall (the Shaintar setting). This is currently in review with Evil Beagle, and we hope to have that out within the next few weeks.

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