Friday, August 22, 2014

Cthulhu Could be Coming?

Well, sort of...

This is certainly our silliest update ever, but, I can't resist sharing it.

Christian Lindke of Twin Suns Entertainment is currently running a Kickstarter. It's not really a gaming Kickstarter even, but it likely has plenty of appeal to most gamers. Specifically, he's running his second Kickstarter to fund the creation of Cthulhu-themed Christmas Cards. (The first one was two years ago and I loved the cards I received, as did the card recipients.)

He's just added a bonus goal to the project. If it funds, John will write a short adventure set in Morden, which features the Cthulhu Claus character as well as artwork from the Kickstarter project.

Here's the direct link to that project update:

Cthulhu Cards Kickstarter

Please be aware that this is not a permanent change to add the Old Ones into the setting. It's just a 1-shot, humorous toned adventure, that could be a fun change from the norm.

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